VRV (variable refrigerant volume) and VRF (variable refrigerant flow) are two different terms for the same technology.

How VRV System Works


Technically, VRV is an alternative for the refrigerant volume to meet the specific requirements of a building.

It comprises a single outdoor unit that connects to up to 64 indoor units via refrigerant piping. VRV systems function like multi-split air conditioning systems.

It consumes minimal energy to perform and maintain temperatures and shuts off automatically when there is no occupant in the room. 

VRV air conditioning systems also comprise compressors that feature inverter technology.

It enables the system to adjust to the precise speed required to meet heating or cooling needs.

One of the unique features of VRV air conditioners is the electronic expansion valve that controls the refrigerant’s flow to each indoor unit.

Advantages of VRV Aircon System
VRV air conditioning systems are one of the most technologically advanced air conditioning systems in the world with multiple benefits, including: 

1) Energy Efficiency
- VRV air conditioners feature DC inverters that control motor speeds and flow of the refrigerant with precision. Therefore, they are proven to be highly energy efficient.

2) Improved Comfort
- VRV air conditioners provide the ultimate comfort level throughout your home with adjustable temperatures. So that you can enjoy without any distractions.

3) Tailor-fit Sizes
- VRV systems feature modular designs that provide flexibility for different project sizes. Whether you are purchasing a VRV air conditioning system for your home or a large commercial project, you can expand the number of indoor units as required.

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