Choosing the right size of Air Conditoner is one of the most important decision you will make. Buying a small unit will be too underpowered to cool your room. Buying an oversized unit, on the other hand, will cool the room quickly, but will inefficiently cycle on and off, consuming more electricity and costing you extra money.

Among the factors that are always taken into account is the size of your room. For those who do not know the formula to make the correct calculation to get Horse Power or more precisely, BTU. The BTU calculation is length multiplied by width multiplied by 80. You will get the BTU of your room. If you want to convert  BTUs to Horse Power, you need to divide by 9,000. Why 9,000? 1.0HP aircond is equivalent to 9,000. 

Here are some examples:
a)  If your room size is 10feet (L) X 8feet(W), (10"x8") you will get 80sqft. For every BTU calculation, you will need to take your room size and multiply with 80. (L x W x 80)= 10ft x 8ft x 80 = 6,400 BTU.
If you're familiar with BTU counts, or if you round to the nearest BTU of 9,000, you'll know you need 1.0HP for your room. If you want to round your BTUs to Horse Power, you need to divide by 9,000. (10X8X80/9000) divided by 9,000. You will get 0.711 Horse Power. So the closest Horse Power is 1.0HP. That is the area of your room.

b) Lets assume your room size is 10ft x 15ft. Using the fomula abovementioned, you will need 16,000 BTU or 1.5hp aircond into your room.


However,to get an accurate BTU, we cant only  rely on this formula. I Want to emphasize that there are several other factors that need to be taken into account.
a) Contraindications heat source.
What is a heat source? Heat sources can be obtained from appliances or electrical items in the room itself. For example, the lights installed in your room. The calculation of the quantity of the lamp also plays an important role in getting the right Horspower or BTU for your room so that your aircond gets the right capacity.|

b) Another example of a heat source is humans.
If your room needs 1.5HP as the calculation of the area of your room earlier on the above example (b) but you have 5 people or 10 people in the room, 1.5HP may not be enough to accommodate the size for your room.

c) Location / Room Directon
This is also important because if you don't take into account the directon of your room or your home or where you want to install the aircond, whether in the North, South, West or East. . If your room faces West, you should consider installing a 2.0HP aircond insteed of 1.5hp aircond.

Applying the correct method will  not only give you effectiness and productivity, but you will also prevent hole in your wallet.
There are few technical method that you may wan to consider applying to choose correct horsepower of your Aircond. (Shera) (Fiqa)


14 Nov 2022