In countries with hot weather such as Malaysia, air conditioners play an important role in making our daily life more comfortable and enjoyable. Without air conditioning, the inside of your house will be hot and humid, making you all sweaty and sticky. In fact, air conditioners do much more than just keeping your house/office cold. They purify the air by filtering out particles,bugs, odours, and harmful chemicals.

Most air conditioner experts recommed that you should at least do an annual servicing. During the servicing, the aircond professional will look closely at the unit to check for any issues, clean out the filters and ducts, and make sure the unit is working efficiently to keep electricity bills lower.

Plan your annual Aircond service, a month or two before the hottest weather hits your area. By scheduling your service during this time you are making sure the aircond is working perfectly when you need it the most. 

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12 Oct 2022