The Slim Ducted features a slim, compact design that allows installation in very narrow ceiling space. And WLAN control* provides the convenience of adjusting operation anytime, anywhere.

1) Stay Connected and in Control Anywhere, Anytime
With the Comfort Cloud App, you can simultaneously monitor and control single and multiple air conditioners at one or more locations* anytime, anywhere from one mobile device. By assigning additional users, each family member can control the selected air conditioners from anywhere at home or away.

2) Cool Airflow Direct to the Ceiling
The slim ducted send cool air out over a wide angle and direct to the ceiling. The air then falls down gently into the room like a shower, cooling people in a way that feels natural and refreshing.

3) Minimal Distractions to Stay Focused
Quiet mode ensures low noise for a cool, calm room environment.

4) Slim and compact, this unit require less ceiling space
With 200mm height of slim ducted unit, it allows installation in very narrow ceiling space.

5) Drain Pump with Increased Power
Using the built-in high-lift drain pump, the drain piping rise height can be increased to 653 mm from the lower surface of the body.