The Standard Non-Inverter R32 series features POWERFUL Mode for instant cooling performance on start up. Enjoy fast, powerful cooling with just the push of a button.

1) POWERFUL Mode for Instant Cooling Comfort
POWERFUL Mode cools your room 18% faster by running both the compressor and indoor fan at super high speed. Press Powerful button once to switch on POWERFUL Mode.

2) Big Flap for Extended Airflow
A big bottom flap directs air all across the room for an optimal cooling sensation.

3) Comfort Cooling with Faster, Farther Airflow
AEROWINGS deliver a more comfortable cooling experience for your living space. It directs airflow downwards to efficiently distribute concentrated cool air the moment you switch on the air conditioner. Upon reaching the set temperature, it directs airflow upwards to distribute cool air evenly across the room for a continuous gentle shower of cool air.

4) Fits Perfectly Anywhere
Panasonic air conditioners are designed to be compact enough to fit easily in tight, narrow spaces such as close to ceilings, close to corner walls, and above doors and windows. The uniquely designed structure makes installation and maintenance easy. The Good Design Award 2020 recognises the achievement of balancing product design and function for the benefit of the global community*.

5) Minimal Distractions to Stay Focused
Quiet mode ensures low noise for a cool, calm room environment.

6) Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
R32 has higher cooling capacity thereby increases heat transfer efficiency. It consumes less energy, helping you to save on electricity costs. It also has zero impact on the ozone layer, therefore it’s environmental friendly.

7) Compact Outdoor Units
Panasonic air conditioning systems feature compact and unobtrusive outdoor units, designed to allow for highly powerful systems to be installed in even the tightest of spaces.