Dismantle, inspection and cleaning Indoor & Outdoor unit . Cleaning the Aircond parts with chemical, and flushing the entire unit with safe formulated chemicals to ensure any dust & dirt that is trapped within the aircond system is being flushed. Check and tighten all electrical components. This is important to ensure that the Aircond system functions at optimal level.

What do you need to know about aircond chemical overhaul?

Chemical overhaul is important for clients who have not done aircon servicing for longer than 12 months. Dust will accumulate inside the air conditioner and affects the airflow and temperature of the room/area over time.

When using this chemical overhaul, we will first dismantle all the parts. Each part will be cleaned and repaired. The chemical overhaul will remove dirt, stains, oils and accumulated dust particles in the air conditioner. The pipes, blower wheel and drainage tray can also use this chemical to clean. After chemical overhaul cleaning was done, the air conditioner's "lifespan" will increased.






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