Why aircond Steam clean?

Uses High-Pressure Steam to expel collected earth stopped up in the middle of blade spacing of the curl.


Advantages of Air conditioner Steam Cleaning

This cleaning technique has added benefits beyond its actual purpose. Those advantages are listed below:

- Aircon Steam cleaning as said earlier is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning as it does not involve the usage of any form of chemicals.
- Except for a visual result, Aircon Steam Cleaning is also effective in the removal of unpleasant odors due to the expulsion of steam in high pressure.
- The abstinence of chemical use in these types of cleaners also ensures a cheaper price rate than the cleaners that use chemicals.
- The overall rate of air flow gets essentially improved with the regular use of Aircon Steam Cleaners, resulting in a cooling effect.
- There is no use of any corrosive solution. Therefore no corrosion takes place in the coil.
- Due to the dejection of steam, the Aircon Steam Cleaning effectively kills around 99.99% of germs and other microscopic organisms.

How often should this cleaning procedure be performed?
That basically depends on the usage of the air conditioner. Normally, one clean-up every 1 year is enough for a regular household.
For a higher amount of usage, the gap between two consecutive cleaning sessions must also decease. In such a case, cleaning the air conditioner once every year is better.
A decline in the cooling effect of the air conditioner might as well be another indication that it requires cleaning.

Though Aircon Steam Cleaning is a positive approach and a healthy step for the benefit of our environment, it is not the absolute best option when it comes to the removal of stains. Stain removal is better done using a chemical wash. Therefore, to get the best effective result, the Aircon steam cleaning can be used complementary to the aircon chemical wash instead of completely switching to chemical-free steam clean. While chemicals work best to get rid of stains and marks, high pressure of steam works wonders in disinfecting the air conditioner. Thus both the methods of cleaning give the best cleaning effect when used together.

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